8 WEEKS OF GOOD THINKING August 23 2017, 0 Comments

So what's it all about?

Well, I wrote an article in the August subscriber's newsletter all about the tug of war between trying to make every social media post upbeat and super positive and Pro-brand, against the very real need for truth and the desire to show others who perhaps dream of starting their own businesses the reality of what it is to be a person running their own business and all the real life stuff that meshes in between.

In my writing, I touched upon the Positive Thinking belief system where every action and thought you have, and put into conversations with friends, family and work colleagues resonates and amplifies. The belief that you get back more of what you put out there. So if you constantly moan about stuff or can only see the negative in things, then that's what you attract back. More of it.More crapola. You know the score - the person at work who likes to moan all the time about the weather who then brings your mood down and then you feel cold and miserable too and then you pass that grumpiness on to someone at home and so on and so on...until everyone's feeling really flat, fed up or even depressed.

Well, I've decided that, in light of this being one of my the most challenging years, and oddly enough the 3 most challenging parts of my life have all been in the last 10, when I've been doing the most growing and changing, that I would like to create an experimental group project to see if you me and everyone who reads this post can make it through 8 weeks ( 2 months ) of positivity. Not being insanely happy in a faked out way, but just consciously trying to see the good in the little things and when the bad and ugly things rear their head, doing our best to nip them in the bud and stop those negative vibes SHORT.

Here's what's going to happen:

Block out 8 weeks in your diary or phone calendar. Starting from 1st September and ending on 1st November let's see together, how we feel about our lives, our relationships and our work when we actively seek out the good in all sorts of stuff. And when the bad comes calling, as it always will, how quickly we can stop lamenting and amplifying it and move on to either solving the problem or moving on from it. Nipping negativity in the bud. Stopping that spiralling of worse and worse feelings.

Are you in?

So, if you'd like to give it a go with me, shout out in the comments box below and let's see how we do - feel free to share scenarios and examples good or bad and let's see how we all feel after 8 weeks. Who knows, we might be able to make some very real changes to our collective well being and then carry it on into Christmas.

It would be good to see how your small changes impact on those you work and play with. Are your loved ones enjoying your positive outlook or are they trying to poo-poo it and undermine your efforts. Notice who is benefiting from the changes and who is undermining you.

I'll be adding to this post as the weeks go by...and If you don't want to miss out on other articles please go to the bottom of the Home Page to sign up - you'll also get 15% off your first order as THANKYOU.)

See you back here in the first week of September!

Best wishes, K