MODERN MAKES: Italian leather cardholder / spectacle case making workshop


Come to the ST LEONARDS MODERN GOODS store right on the East Sussex coast and learn to make something beautiful in leather!

Choose between a credit card holder and a glasses case.

As it gets colder, it's nice to be inside making something with your hands, there's a great feeling of accomplishment from learning a new skill and using the piece you've crafted every day.

This MODERN MAKE is for either the leather credit card holder or the stylish spectacle / sunglasses case. Both require you to cut out your Italian saddlery leather, after tracing off a card pattern, and then use a variety of hand tools. You'll punch out your stitching holes and then hand stitch the seams in the thread colour of your choice.

You'll be "riveted" by the hardware press on the Artist's Folio and be cool under pressure when you cut the curve to cut of the glasses case.

Each workshop is for x 4 people and will take place on the beautiful shop floor of St Leonards Modern Goods while the store is open so there will be other people coming in and walking around - impressed to see your amazing handiwork!

Workshops will be from 10am til 1:30pm and refreshments will be provided. Bring your own lunch or head out for food afterwards when you're done. 

Cost of workshop: £35 and includes all materials and tools*

* Pencil and Sketchbook  for the Artist's Folio can be purchased separately.

Why not get a group of friends together to take part as a bunch?

See you soon!