Give your hard-earned money a beautiful new home! Say hello to the beautiful Coin Purse created at the St Leonards studio, East Sussex. Made on the same premise as the best-selling Van der Rohe bag, creating a fresh design from a beautiful folded single piece of leather, the new Coin Purse is designed for men and women to hold coins of course, but also a few bankcards and folded notes too... it's just a practical unlined single compartment - simplicity and function in a joyful proportion.

Made from a luxury Italian cowhide, this 2.8mm thick waxy hide will soften and flex the more it's used and has the reassurance of the world respected RiRi zipper - Swiss made for strength and longevity.
Choose from 4 glorious colours and you can even pick your own choice of zipper too!

Dimensions: 19.5cm wide x 9.5cm tall.

St Leonards embossed logo will be on the back at the centre, bottom.

Colours available: Scarlet, Black, Grey, Berry and French Navy.