Designed to be simple and pure in form, this saddlery leather bi-fold wallet has a section for holding banknotes and 4 slots for cards - you can double cards up in them if you like to carry 8.There's no flimsy satin lining to tear or shred and it's a utilitarian style for those who like a simplified product.

Made out of a single piece of leather it's a pleasure to use and hold. It doesn't come pre-folded - the more you fold it up and pop it in your pocket the more it moulds to that shape.Over time it remembers the way you want it to work and becomes a soft, flexible and durable friend.

Made from a 2.5 - 2.8 mm thick Italian cowhide that's super strong and waxy. It will improve and soften further with age and wear.

Dimensions: 18cm wide when open x 10.5cm tall. When folded it measures: 9cm wide x 10.5cm tall.

Made at Seaside HQ in St Leonards, England.

Available in Chestnut and Cinder.