BIG CONCEPT bag - available for pre order

£143.00 £168.00


This big beautiful tote bag doesn't yet have a name and is currently enjoying a few weeks wear trial to ensure everything works as it should.

If you'd like to place your order are lucky enough to buy it at a reduced price that is £25 cheaper than it will be when it is named and famed.



This has been in my head for a while. A large all leather tote that you can chuck a ton of stuff into, and it looks both smart for work as well as easy for weekend use.

A large single piece of folded leather piece that forms a curved bottom tote.I had some free time today to stop on the weekend and play with an idea for a closure for a new tote bag. I want a small flap-over tab that will flop out of the way when the bag is stuffed full ...and I don't want the distraction of poppers and buckles... A throw-it-all-in kind of bag that gets better and better with age.

Handbags are traditionally made up of lots of smaller pieces seamed work around the holes and flaws of poorer grade leathers.

But I like to do things differently at St Leonards. I like to choose highest quality vegetable hide Italian leather that has very few or no flaws, and cut out as few pattern pieces as possible, to let the quality shine through. I then make small leather goods and key rings and spectacle cases with what's left over.







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