MODERN GOODS UNISEX handknitted bobble hat


It's that time!

Back in the store, and online, this time its a chunky handknitted beaut, made in Northern Ireland by the talented knitwear designer Ieva Dickson.

Designed to be worn several ways:

☀️ Rolled up rib turned back for a shallow cute back of the head beanie ☀️ deep over the forehead with the cuff rolled down ☀️ on the crown and tugged to one side like a Tam o Shanter!

The reasons we chose to use a 100% acrylic yarn are: 

☀️ Despite loving natural fibres, many people find pure and new wool itchy on their temples and scalp
☀️ This large garter stitch allows the air to circulate so no HOT HEAD
☀️ Acrylic yarn can be washed in the machine super easily at 30° So no need to fret about that pom pom dropping in your latte...
☀️ Acrylic yarn knitted hats so grow and get huge while you're wearing them so you shouldn't be walking around blind folded by your beanie....

Super thrilled to have found someone in the UK to take on our modest quantities to get our store restocked for Winter.

K x