SPECIAL VAN DER ROHE BAGS - no waiting time

£225.00 £250.00


Herea aretwo beautiful special edition Vane der Rohe bags that are unusually, ready stock. That's right! Instant gratification.

They were made for the store, and as this is currently closed due to Corona Virus, I'm offering them online now.

These would normally be sold for £250 - they are ready to fly out the door/postbox/city now for £25 less. ( yay ) 

The two colour options are:

Chestnut with a nude strap and contrasting coloured tabs

Slate blue with a black strap and contrasting tabs.

This is my all time best selling style - starts off as a slim envelope shape and within a few weeks it becomes your most slouchy and capacious best ever bag!

These colour combinations are highly unusual so don't miss out!

Noone else will have this exact colour set... I'll be waiting for your order ( smiles ) 

For full details on dimensions and other views/angles and info about the design - head over to any of the other Van der Rohe product descriptions.