AFRICAN BATIK TRAPEZE DRESS - Flouro pink and Yellow


Summer dresses.
Easy, throw on pieces that fit a multitude of sizes and shapes.. and shapes that can be teamed up with trainers or elevated to heels and lipstick with ease.
That's the way I have always liked to dress.
Wearing clothes that are NEVER saved for "best"
Life is too short.

If you're in your 50's you might remember grandparents or Great Aunts who proudly kept whole rooms for best, and the only time you entered the hallowed sanctuary of doilie covered sofa or drank from the best china, was when someone died...Such a huge shame...and what a great waste of such beautiful things that should be enjoyed, often.

Wear what you love, every day!

I'm so thrilled to be offering more own label pieces that means you not only get something unique that's not in every store, but you're supporting a local pattern cutter and maker who gets to work creatively in the UK.How good is that ???

It's one size only.

I've deliberately cut the shape like a trapeze/shuttlecock so it looks oh so beautiful and voluminous whether you're petite or curvy - the

Fabric 100% wax cotton

Washing instructions: 30 degree wash on it's own to start with in case of excess dye, then it can join all the other happy washing.