A little coin purse.

Suitable for men and women who still believe cash is important for little shops and for those who don't fit the Private Bank's criteria to have a bank account.

Don't let cash be phased out. It's about a lot more than just your convenience.

This design is made from a single folded piece of leather, it's the Van Der Rohe of the coin world.😜

They're going to be stamped with a new logo...the Seagull heraldic emblem.

Just a few made in this batch :

Grey with Flouro zipper

Chestnut with Beige Zipper

Green with Brown zipper


Built to last from A grade luxury Italian saddlery leather and Swiss Riri zippers.

It will soften with use and wear and develop a super patina. You will be thrilled at how much more it will hold after a month or two. Fits your palm and just fits a couple of bank cards too.

Or you could use it to keep receipts safe?

Grab one quick...just X 2 per colour at present. 

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K x