Lockdown Limited Edition Art Zines.


During Lockdown I have used my time at home to reignite my love of drawing.

As a child, and one who was home alone a lot in the holidays,drawing was what engrossed me from 8am to 6pm.

The telly would go on, I'd say goodbye to my parents and then the fun began, tuning in to am episode of High Chaperal, Champion the Wonder Horse, or a film like Passport to Pimlico. The BBC use to a show feature film every single morning in the School holidays.

Out came the pencils, pens and a fat ream of scrap paper from my dad's office, usually old copies of letters my mother had typed on an Olivetti, or sometimes it was a wonderful perforated zig zag of computer paper with the holes punches down the sides and the faint green lines on one side.

Finally the rubble of my tummy could not be ignored and I would get up off the floor cushion with a pins and needles leg, and drag it into the kitchen, half laughing, half shrieking as the dangling limb returned to life, where my mum had left a lovely tray of food. 

A BLT wrapped in cling film or perhaps a fishfinger sandwich with ketchup or Heinz Sandwich spread, a carton of Ribena, a satsuma or apple slices, and a thermos flask of hot sweet tea. She would often make a tin of flapjacks or date loaf on the weekend that could be plundered at 4pm.

( Thermos flask? She was terrified of my scalding myself with the kettle ) 

Years later I did a degree in Textile design so drawing returned to the fore. But for the next 20 years, most drawing was restricted to specification drawings for accessory designs to communicate with factories.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my job, but drawing for art's sake, just wasn't on my radar.

So, to mark the occasion of 3 Lockdowns, the mental sabbatical, many of us have come to appreciate, I've created 3 different limited edition art zines.

Available for pre order, now, the plan is to print them on Conqueror textured paper and they will be centre stapled to form a book.

Available by end April.

If you like, you can slice them out and frame them individually, or gift the booklets to a friend.

Or collect the entire set.

Each edition, whether you choose the plants, the beach combing or the coffee cups, will be limited to X 6 copies only.

Drawn and designed by K. Printed in St Leonards on Sea.

 Order now to ensure your copy.