£140.00 £280.00

This is a most stunning jacket.

Heavily tailored in terms of interfacing, perfect darts , fit and style, but super easy to wear. It elevates even jeggings into a stylish well though out outfit. Wear it tied up tight with the cinch closure and high on waist, or wear it tied loosely at hip.

You can of course just allow it to flow open.

It's designed by Danish brand Co Couture and this is the last piece. I wear mine an awful lot, I bought in back in Aw2019 and would never have dreamt of wearing purple butnthe tone and the burnt rust makes it actually extremely versatile. The satin lining makes it a breeze to slip on and off too.

Wear it under a coat or make it the main outer layer, teamed up with a cosy scarf

Please note the reduction. It's absolutely incredible.