St Leonards offers you an exciting taste of the Seaside HQ studio experience - come join us for a 1 day workshop in leather craft.

The workshop takes place over 1 day, from 10 til 6pm in the new shop on Norman Road.

This workshop takes you gently through all the stages necessary to make two pieces - a bi-fold wallet, key fob and cardholder. Using a beautiful full grain waxy Italian saddlery leather, you'll be taught how to trace around a pattern, mark out all your notches, punch holes, cut the leather panels out with a knife, stitch the pieces together using an Adler industrial walking foot machine. All materials are provided and refreshments too.There is a 1 hour break for lunch.

Class numbers: 2-4 people

Restrictions: There must be at least 2 bookings made for the class to go ahead.

Accessibility:There are steps to access the studio. Some of the time is spent standing at a cutting table.You will need to be able to sit at a sewing machine.

Age: Due to the industrial powered equipment and tools, you must be 18 years old or over if you're a novice to sewing using a sewing machine. If you're younger than 18 but have had lots of experience using a domestic sewing machine, by all means get in touch and St Leonards can chat through the safety issues with you and see if you can attend.


Since the shop's opening the workshops now need to be held on a Monday as this is when the shop is closed to the public.

Ability: This course and product has been designed to suit all abilities. If you're a complete novice you'll be able to take your project home and be pretty pleased with the results. It might be a little wobbly and rough around the edges but it's going to be lovely to use and will become a treasured seaside souvenir - much better than a seaside holiday fridge magnet! And if you've worked with leather before and can handle a domestic sewing machine your results should be just as pleasing and a little more refined.You'll be smug and beaming with pride.

Booking and Payment: Course  are booked through the website and are non-refundable.

Booking: Once you've placed your order  you will be sent a confirmation email with travel instructions and other important information about the studio. Please read them thoroughly and sign the document and email it back to confirm your place.

Non-attendance: If you can't make it to the workshop due to illness please contact St Leonards to carry it over to another date that's more suitable, or donate it to a friend to take your place.

If you'd like to do it on another day - please do get in touch -  St Leonards can sometimes arrange a different workshop day if a production run isn't at full tilt or I can cover for the shop. Just makes sure there's at least 2 of you.

Get in touch using the email : mail@stleonardsonline.com or by calling on: 0779 299 1949