Christmas in a Bon Bon. Tasty, moist, and gift wrapped to perfection.

Luxury Bon Bon Panettone - these are such a beautifully flavoured sweet bread/cake - beautifully packaged like a giant sweet - and be-ribboned in red satin - it's wonderfully festive and especially good for those who hate Christmas Pudding - slice it, and toast under the grill and slather a doorstep with salty butter, or tear up and place in an oven-proof dish - pour over a carton of luxury custard and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 mins - it makes the most amazing dessert - bread-and-butter style.
 x 12 were ordered this year  - can you believe my xmas food order had to be place back in May?  I was still in retail lockdown then? Now I'm open, we have sold a fair few - there's 3 left - and of course - we'd hate to see them spend Christmas alone in the shop - Make sure you order one before we run out - they are YUMSCIOUS!