COCO gluten free chocolate - assorted flavours


Coco chocolatiers combine art with great chocolate from Columbian estates. They create a beautifully packaged and complex range of flavours commissioning contemporary artists and designers from all disciplines to illustrate their products.

Offering a combination of milk, dark and vegan blends, there's always something fun to try or gift to a friend.

These chocolate bars are dense and snap - a good chocolate content which varies bar to bar.

All are gluten free.

The Cold brew coffee & dark chocolate version is the only Vegan bar in this selection.

Salted caramel milk has the classic salty surprises in each mouthful, and it's not over sweet.

Christmas milk spice has a little all spice and cinnamon in it - it's delicious at any time of the year and is lovely to eat with a cup of coffee.

Rhubarb & Ginger dark chocolate is fragrantly scented with little hints of ginger.