Designed to echo the casual style of a South American Gaucho's riding bag this amazing hair-on-hide cowhide has been turned into a beautifully stylish drawstring scoop.
It has a cotton webbing strap that's adjustable so it can be worn high under the arm or slung low like a cross-body satchel bag.
Heavy brass fittings keep the bag strong and durable.
The bag is unlined.
The closure is created with a leather drawstring tie and all of the hide is Italian cowhide which is a by-product of the meat industry.

Choose between an internal patch pocket and an internal zipper pocket.Make the bag the way you need it to work!

Dimensions: 49cm top to bottom x 41 wide at opening and middle.
Webbing strap is 3cm wide heavy duty cotton
Separate pouch:

Special Note:
Please understand that every cowhide has a very different pattern and even within one hide the smudges spots and colouring varies greatly so every bag will differ in pattern and shade from this image.
Please get in touch when you place your order to ask to see the hides that are available or what to tell me what you'd like before I order the hide.

Better photos will be coming.

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