Sunday 23rd January 10am to 4pm on Zoom

💥 Who wants to spend a super amazing, full of Ah-Hah moments Day on a "New You for a New Year" workshop with me? 

💥 This will be a 1 day, super juicy event, exploring 3 core aspects of your Creative Life that will allow you to reset your self sabotaging beliefs around your ability to believe in yourself, your creativity and your income making acumen!

💥 If you acknowledge that 2022 is not going to change unless you do things differently...

💥 Are your ready to commit to just one day to rethink, revitalise, and get the foundations ready for a fresh new 2022?

💥 If this resonates with you, book your place now! There are just x 10 places.

What we'll be covering:


Setting your mindset dial to Positive with the help of Miracle Mornings.

How to stop your sense of overwhelm from sabotaging your creative progress and growth,

Getting organised so that you have more time for creativity and less time glued to your phone,

Outsourcing to others.


The Annual Masterplan:  So you know what you're doing, where you'll be doing it, when you'll be on holiday ( YES! on holiday! ) and who you should be talking to when you sell ? 


Selling with clarity and confidence.

Getting organised so that you have more time for creativity and less time glued to your phone comparing yourself with others.

Asking, not begging for sales.

This will take place on ONE DAY on Zoom.

10am til 4pm with a break for cuppas and lunch in between.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is in a Creative business. You might be a hobbyist who is almost ready to take the plunge into leaving your day could be already in business,but are just stagnating, not growing, and crippled by delf doubt, feeling financial despair.

You might already be the owner of a highly successful business but feel it's time to re-assess and fall back in love with your business.

If you have any questions, get in touch by email on:

Motivation + Mindset = Magic! 


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