Having spent 20+ years working in the fashion industry, starting off in Textiles, then retail, buying, product development and design - selling goods around the world, supplying wonderful boutiques and brands internationally and owning a real store - I'm now ready to share my insights and knowledge and am excited to see you grow!

I'm so excited to share my knowledge so that you won't waste the years and money I did, getting things wrong!

I've designed this as an 8 week course. It's a mixture of downloadable exercises, valuable How to ... sheets and probing self evaluation exercises. There will also be tasks set to stretch your mindset to make sure you're not sabotaging yourself from succeeding in everything you choose to do!
The courses also includes a weekly video call to check progress and iron out any queries. The course content can be used again and again as you develop and change.

If you'd like to find out more about this course's content please get in touch.

I'm excited to enrol you, the start date is AS SOON AS YOU'RE READY.

K x