This bag is made from a lightweight rip stop nylon. It's strong, lightweight and easy to clean and doesn't matter if it gets wet, holds wet things from the beach or fruit and veg from the market.

It's reversible! = FUN + VARIETY

I designed it during Lockdown - at a time when shopping was all about getting food shopping. I knew I wanted to create something that was FUN and PLAYFUL - the fabric - utilitarian and kagoul like, usually made into purely practical products, without much thought for fun. So I wanted to subvert this notion. Lockdown has been about changing thought patterns and mindset - about appreciated fun and new ideas! I created a biggest more ostenacious 

What's even better is that it can be worn 4 ways:

1- The ties can be knotted short with a big bow and it can be worn as a shoulder scoop

2- The ties can be tied into knots and worn low slung at the thigh as a cross body bag

3- The bag can be tied around the hips and waist like an apron or a kimono obi.

4- Depending on what you carry, the bag can be slung onto your back and the ties criss crossed across your chest and knotted - it's like a rucksack or papoose.

and just for fun, there's even a 5th way - wear it as a rain hood and play the role of a Couture loving "Scottish Widow".

 Colour: Pink one side, and Black the other.