KAWECO fountain pens


Kaweco is a German brand who have been making fine pens since 1883. Modern Goods have been stocking some of its collection since the day it opened in August 2016.

The Sports collection is made from a robust plastic with an ingenious half length so it will fit inside most pockets. Perfect for carrying around with a sketchbook or inside a jacket pocket. To use as a full size pen, simply affix the lid to the barrel. 

The pens all have a medium sized nib and I find them perfect for writing and sketching with.

Fountain pens are actually a lot better for hands and wrists that write a lot - there's far less pressure on the tendons than when using ballpoint pens and biros.

Kaweco pens need Kaweco ink cartridges for optimal flow and quality. And remember: Never share your fountain pen with anyone else - The nib bends and moulds to your hand and pressure and every hand is unique!

Cartridges can be purchased from St Leonards too. See them HERE.