This new course, Marvellous Messaging  is hands down, the best thing to come out of the second Lockdown!

Sometimes we need a fork in the road or a pause to give us time for clarity and focus.

I've created an incredible 5 week course that will transform you and your business.

In 5 weeks you'll going from stabbing aimlessly in the dark, when it comes to speaking to your audience and making sales, to stabbing a cherry from the swizzle stick of a fancy champagne cocktail.

This course is a mixture of Transforming your mindset, really getting clear on who your audience is, and who ISN'T, and embracing new Methods in Messaging and sales so that you bulldoze any blocks in your path!

Week 1

Finding out what's stopping you from succeeding. Is it your planning? Do you blame others, the economy, your competitors, or Brexit for your lack of money, Do you think having kids mean you'll never succeed? 

Week 2

Methods in messaging. Week 2 is all about really nailing down who your audience is. There's no point being bland, vague, vanilla ice cream and pleasing everyone, there's a specific audience who GETS you, and this week is all about tapping into them and ONLY them so you can nail those offers and gets those sales! 

We look at mailing lists, social media and other tools for story telling

Week 3 

In this week we look at HOW you're making sales and where you're selling from. Are you telling people what you sell and what's your service or are you SELLING it?

Getting clear on your offer and avoiding heavy discounting is the way to attract more customers.

Week 4

Money and our self limiting beliefs around asking for it - making it and losing it. I help you get out of the Lack mindset and into the loving arms of Abundance.

Week 5

This final week is the amalgamation  of the previous 3 weeks PLUS making the big step to step up and be the face of your brand. People like to buy from People and in the age of online selling, we need to stand out as a highly distinctive from a million faceless corporations.

Showing up and being in front of the brand instead of hiding behind a Home page is crucial to build trust with your audience and makes it easier to convert them into customers.

Course materials:

Weekly live topic hosted by Mentor K inside the Modern Mentoring private Facebook group,

Downloadable weekly workbooks with in-depth soul searching exercises to transform your life and business.

Course material that you can revisit again and again.

Course enrolment dates:  DATE NOT SET - dependent on interest - so please email me on