NEW VERSION 2020 - TOTELY SHOPPER in Black with Scarlet straps


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Part of the Totely bag collection, the Totely Shopper was the first in the series, way back in 2012.

This version is black with scarlet red straps and colourful leather washers.

Made from a robust 12 oz waterproofed cotton canvas, it's a staple go-to tote bag -  paired with a high quality Italian bridle leather straps.

The bound seam keeps the shape crisp and taut and the deep darts front and bag ensure plenty of room for all your things. The black canvas starts off with a pleasing crisp tension that creases and holds its shape nicely. (The fabric softens and relaxes with use)

There is no closure and no internal pockets. It's utilitarianism at its best. Chuck it in, off you go.

The straps are 2.5cm wide x 69cm long and is embossed with the logo "St Leonards"   or "St Leonards  - England" depending on my whim.

Dimensions: 38cm wide x  40cm tall.

Made in St Leonards England.