Peper Harow striped British knitted socks


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Knitted in West Sussex - Peper Harow socks combine the contemporary excitement of a Kenzo-style with all that's great about the durability of Egyptian cotton, and British knitting manufacture.

Egyptian cotton has amazing strength and retention - which means the knit will expand, stretch to fit and then recover back to it's original size when washed. They are fully fashioned around the toe and heel for a great fit.

Designed to me a one size fits all for men shoe size 7-11

I am a women's UK size 6 and can wear them inside trainers no problem. The heel shape does come a little loose inside heels etc but not in a trainer.

Just the right amount of elasticity means the socks stay up without digging into the calf.

Perfect for all that sitting around at home, and when you're back at work, they'll pep up plenty of cross-legging.

The perfect gift for yourself or a friend.