This stunning top has been specially created here at the seaside store using a commercial pattern which has then been adapted. The fabric is a cotton linen blend with a metallic print over the top. It has no fastenings - like a classic Shell Top it's simply pulled over the head. Designed to fit on the shoulder and then hang loose elsewhere, falling on the high hip. It looks great worn belted in tight if you're slender or loose as intended to bring black jeans, wool trousers or a sun ray pleated skirt to life.

Each piece is made to order here at the studio in the back of the shop, and consists of just 2 pattern pieces - the cap sleeves are grown on and the front neckline has a tuck creating a subtle pleat.

It comes in 2 sizes -

Size A will fit very loosely on someone who is a UK size 8 -10 (as per the model)  The same size will fit just the right amount of loose when worn by a UK size 12-14.

Size B is larger to fit a UK 14 loosely and then a UK 16-18 more snuggly.

Style notes: Please note it fits on the high hip for most people and blousons over rather than swinging loose.It will crease and fold due to the metallic over print and that's all part of its charm.Looks terrific with a fine long sleeved T underneath or with bare arms for a party.

Limited to just 10 pieces. When the fabric's gone, it's gone.



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