Please ask to see photos of the hide if you're unsure, as every bag will have different markings and patches to the one photographed

Known as Ponyskin (although no Ponies were skinned) this Italian hair-on-hide cow skin is perfect for all kinds of outfits when you like making a statement.

Made in the Van der Rohe shape this bag is stylish simple to wear and has the added fun of a hairy texture.

This bag is made from a single piece of leather and designed to be your most useful everyday handbag. Created with the famous architect Mies Van Der Rohe's theory that " LESS IS MORE " set firmly in mind, St Leonards feels that this bag epitomises all that's good with a pared down and understated design philosophy.

What's the least number of pieces of leather and detail can I use to make something that functions as, and is recogniseable as a handbag. I'm not talking about going completely native and offering you a hankerchief and saying "Here you go, use this as your bag!" but for me, it's got a beautiful simplicity that will stand the test of time.

Embossed branding on the strap: ST LEONARDS - ENGLAND

Dimensions: 24cm high x 36cm wide. The 22cm zip opening is set into the front panel, not at the top. Strap: Fixed length is 117cm.If you'd like to order a specific strap length please order as normal but message K at mail@stleonardsonline.com to discuss your requirements.

if you'd like to buy additional coloured straps to ring the changes on your bag then click HERE

This bag has no gusset but supple nature of this leather allows the bag to elegantly "bulge" allowing you get a host of things inside, whilst still maintaining a lean stylish profile. The ponyhide version is much softer and will flop more than the classic saddlery leather versions.

Brass hardware is given with this colour of hide as it complements the brown tones in the animal's skin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any hair-on-hide leather will rub and can molt - the areas of highest wear ( at the back where it rubs against your legs and clothing, the top where your hand brushes it each time you open it etc, etc ) will start to go bald. This can be waxy and pale and then eventually it will go dark and shiny. This ponyskin edition WILL NOT remain in tip top condition  - you have to decide that if you order this design - you order it knowing and fully appreciating that it will start to wear and become dishevelled and that's part of the process - you can use the bag every day and trash it like a pair of cowboy boots or use it occasionally to prolong its life further... and as every animal is unique, not two hides or even half a hide will perform in the same way. Some cow breeds have very fine short hair - others fluffy and deep in pile. The choice is yours whether to risk it.

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