The ideal gift for the person who loves Beauty products, luxury brands, sewing and gardening, contemporary packaging.

SEAMS has been stocked at my store since it opened in Aug 2016. The whole premise behind it was the founder Karen's desire for a superior quality, rich handcream for hard working hands without the oil and grease that often transfers.

Being a stylist, dresser and fashion queen working behind the scenes for major TV programmes and film, she couldn't find anything right for her on the market, and like all the best creatives, she decided to create it herself!

@seamsbeauty handcream is so nourishing, a little goes a long way, and the scent is full of deluxe frangipani flowers that lifts your mood without being overpowering or sickly. It's suited to men and women, and I can attest to it's super finish, and it doesn't stain it leave a residue when I'm working on my leather handbags.

A man who works with his hands doing gardening, metalwork, joinery etc would also find this a boon! 

£14 per tube, it lasts a LONG TIME.

*Please note this quick pic is showing the hand santiser bottle. The hand cream is a stylish white tube with black graphics inside that Beautiful yellow box. * 

Keep waving!