Sometimes you just see something so simple and beautiful, you think - if I like it - I'm sure other people will too! That's exactly what happened when I stumbled across these beautiful crystals.I selected the ones that I feel are the most beautiful in a timeless and understated way. Set in a fine sterling silver setting and threaded onto several strands of waxed cotton cord which you can wear together or seperately - the choice is yours.

This particular crystal is called Striped Fluorite. It's a stripey banded looking crystal with sections of translucency and colour - it has a magical soft tone to it - the colour is a combination of cloudy grey, olive, blues and sea greens - imagine a slice of the sea from the seabed upwards - beautiful.

Fluorite with stripes in can be found in Eastern parts of Asia.


Dimensions of crystal: 3.5cm long


Length of cord: if you wear it as it arrives to you, the cord measures approx 50cm long but you can cut it shorter to wear the pendant higher. The cord will soften with wear.

Origins: Sourced from a Sussex based mineral and semi-precious stone dealer. The stones,minerals and crystals are themselves sourced from all over the world.