Made from the signature 12oz heavy duty waterproof cotton canvas that's at the core of the Totely Canvas collection this bag is designed for men and women. The shape is a gently curving U which has a flapover top and simple adjustable buckle. The deep darts front and back create a lot of volume so you'll be suprised at how much it can hold when necessary.

You can carry your wallet and sunglasses, a phone and novel, an iPad, an SLR camera and more besides.It's a useful no-frills and very robust bag.

The leather straps and trimming is a 2.5 to 2.8mm thick untreated nude Italian cowhide. This means it starts off super light in colour but with time, wear, UV rays and the natural oils in your hands it darkens down into a pleasing honey-tan. Just like a much-loved pair of sandals bought from a stall on a tiny Greek Island.

Lightweight and super utilitarian this bag just carries your stuff beautifully.

Internal details: Unlined with a patch pocket for your phone and keys.There's a seam around the bag that ensures it keeps its shape.

Dimensions:  40 cm at widest point x 30 cm tall. No gusset but it has deep darts front and back to great volume and space.

Pocket: if you like to customise why not add a handy pocket for £10? You can choose a rear patch pocket for your travel pass or sneaky internal one for your phone.

Strap: You can choose your preferred  fixed length leather strap embossed with the branding : St Leonards - England. Measure by taking a measurement from across your chest and down to your waist or hips however you like to wear it and according to your chest and height. Remember to factor in if you wear it with a jumper or coat most days. Some people like to wear it high up at waist height which is popular at present, others like it to swing more classically at hip point.Some crazy cats even go so far as to have their satchels swinging by their knee but that's a step too far for me.

Short length =       102cm long x 2.5 cm wide

Standard length = 117 cm long x 2.5 cm wide.

Long length =        125 cm long x 2.5 cm wide

Custom length =    If you require a different length strap please select Custom Length option and then get in touch via email: 

Please note that the hides are all unique and rarely go longer than 125cm at the longest part of the piece.

Colour options:

Cinder smokey black

Strawberry bright red

Colman's Yellow - sunny yellow

Beige - oaty putty

Brick - dusty reddish rust

Nautical Blue - deep royal blue


Made at Seaside HQ, St Leonards, England.


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