This bag was designed and created for those of you who wish to come and make a bag at the 1 Day Workshop.But I was asked by some people if they could be "lazy" and just buy the bag without making it. Tsk.So here it is. A raw and robustly made tote bag handcrafted from the nude and untreated raw Italian cowhide which I normally use for straps on my Totely collection.

It's deep and capacious and will darken, mark and scratch ( you have been warned ) from the moment you own it - the sun, dirt and UV rays will get going on it's bare skin so that it softens and honeys into a sun-kissed tan.Before you know it, your slightly stiff and unyielding bag will become a super flexible and reliable friend.

This bag is unlined and raw. There is a patch pocket on the front only. You can choose the custom options to add a press stud closure to the opening or leave it open as per original.

Dimensions: 40.5cm wide at opening x 30 cm wide at base x 34cm tall x 14cm deep base. Pocket on front has a 20cm wide opening and is 16cm tall.

Made at St Leonards, England.