The Twitten in Grey


The 3rd and 2017 incarnation of this faithful old favourite.

What's a Twitten?

Many seaside towns have these ingenious alleyways with steep steps linking the higher roads to lower ones and as they can be spied all over this town, they are a daily reminder of how St Leonards accessories strives to offer stylish practicality within a luxurious design.

Small, compact and ideal for those who like to carry the bare essentials.Perfect for travel and hands-free shopping.Made from my signature thick Italian cowhide for the body and calfskin for the strap.The bag is unlined and has no other pockets.

Available in 7 colours of leather but always with a black calfskin strap.

Dimensions: 26cm wide x 19.5cm tall. There is no gusset. The leather will soften and stretch to slouch and accommodate more possessions. This bag will carry a phone, purse, keys and a few other items.The longer you have it, the more it can hold.

Adjustable flat Strap: 3cm wide x 81cm at shortest - 135cm at longest

Riri swiss zipper used.

You can choose between nickle and brass fittings.