St Leonards is based at Seaside HQ, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, From its' modest studio in a Georgian Townhouse, the designer is never short of dramatic seascapes, wild weather and the shriek of the seagulls for inspiration.

St Leonards is deeply rooted in its' surroundings. Many of the product's names are taken from local streets and as the town is steeped in Georgian history, there's a sense of the brand being older than its' years. The stylish packaging and badges on the swing tags depict beautiful heraldic symbols and these too are steeped in meaning.

If you're lucky enough to own a St Leonards product then make sure you keep hold of its' heraldic badge. Several times a year the badge icons become money-off tokens and you can trade them in against a new purchase.The best way to keep updated is to sign up to the mailing list below:






If you'd like to learn more about the symbols then please take a look at the image below.


Hound: The magical Pointing Griffon lives at Seaside HQ.Beneath his formidable exterior beats the heart of a lion and the kindness of a lamb.He keeps his mistress happy and healthy by demanding daily promenades and it's this routine that keeps St Leonards full of fresh air and ideas.

Hand and Ruler: They represent a fundamental aspect of the brand which is all about good design. The hand is the tool that turns the ideas into concept sketches and the ruler measures the proportions so the designs are pleasing from all angles.

Looking Glass: Vanity mirror no, looking glass yes.St Leonards works hard to ensure its products look wonderful in an understated and stylish way.Never brash or gaudy, always beautiful and practical,often joyful and and playful too.Whether you're a man or female, St Leonards works hard to be the perfect reflection of you.

Tower: This icon represents Seaside HQ itself - the business runs from a studio inside a Georgian townhouse in St Leonards on Sea. The pleasing proportions and proximity to the sea mean we're never short of dramatic seascapes or mugs of tea.

Flag: St Leonards is deep-rooted in England, based in a bohemain Seaside town on the Sussex coast, but sells all over the road.

Handbag: The emblem of the original products St Leonards became know for. Stylish and practical at all times.

K: Founder of Seaside HQ and designer of St Leonards

Lobster: Luxurious and sought after, but hard-wearing and strong.

Seagull: The symbol of seaside holidays and coastal living to some, and a nuisance to many, but here at Seaside HQ their wing power is harnessed for good - to gather energy for new designs.Found strutting along the prom, these birds are a source of inspiration, they are streamlined, unfussy and practical, just like St Leonards.