I've been a designer, product developer, maker, buyer, online and real store retailer and now I've accumulated over 20 + yrs experience.

But it hasn't been plain sailing. In fact I've been barely turning over cash, distraught and stressed and full of self doubt right up until fairly recently. I burned out and got sick. I decided I couldn't make it as a creative and yet, I was at a loss as to how else to make money. I felt unemployable after going it alone back in 2004 and felt angry that I couldn't " make it. "

And then, in a weird fit of last ditch despair, I threw my last few hundred pounds of my business overdraft at getting help from a creative coach Ali Mapletoft. Yes, I literally blew the last money I had access to on a course, instead of my bills, or credit card debt or food. 

And then, in just one year, the transformation has been incredible!

I'm now developing a collection of courses as well as a Free private group called Modern Mentoring inside Facebook to share my experiences and nurture others.My mission is to support Male and Female creatives to fulfil their potential and be able to thrive rather than survive doing what they do best - living their best lives as Creative beings - not trying to hold down two jobs and a sideline to keep it all going.

99% of my issues with my business were mindset rather than cashflow.That alone, was a revelation to me. It was such a relief to be able to regain control of my brand and stop blaming external factors like PR, Brexit, The Competition for my failing business. I have got clear on so many aspects of the brand that I feel so much more confident in coping with whatever life throws at me.

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