MODERN MOOLAH! - 9 weeks to transform the way you think about, act around and earn money

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Between the ages of 0 and 7 we learn so many foundation pillars from our parents/carers/teachers that set like cement in our psyche, that if they're negative, and don't serve us, can be really hard to shift! These self limiting beliefs can be problematic when it comes to attitudes around Life, relationships and of course Money.

Depending on your upbringing, money can be the route to happiness, or the root of all evil!

Which one is it for you? or maybe, it's just not that clear cut - and therein lies the problem. Money gets in the way of your creativity - you need it - but it's hard to come by, or comes easily and leaves faster!

Do you get excited at the prospect of setting prices for your products and selling to new customers, or do you feel sick to the stomach about pricing your products when you can't afford to buy them yourself?

Course format:

8 + 1 weeks that will change you:

X1 week introduction, and mindset prep.

x 8 different topics about Money. Mixing practical business and accounting tips, with tutorials about topics like: perceived value of pricing, price architecture, interspersed with Money Mindset tutorials where we go into your old money stories, self-limiting beliefs around money / wonga / moolah / readies and how to quash those feelings of lack, inadequacy, fear or even shame around making money from your creative skills.

x 8 weekly Zoom group call tutorials to clarify your understanding.

24/7 access to the free private Facebook group Modern Mentoring where you can share your learning, ask questions and get support as your progress and gain insights throughout the course.

x8 Moolah Messages by email asking probing questions to get you thinking about each week's topic and to help you to journal about your findings and draw conclusions so you can enter this next stage of your creative life without money hang ups!

You will feel so completely different by the end of the course - it will open your eyes to the power of money - the choices it gives you - the shift in dynamic it creates at home / work as well as within yourself, and FINALLY, you'll feel like you're in control of money instead of being a victim of it and you'll feel empowered to step into a new powerful phase of your creative self!

What are you waiting for? Worried about paying for the course, but just KNOW it's going to transform the way you work...

You can pay using interest free instalments thanks to ClearPay ( see the icon above )  or you can select the £180 deposit option that secures your place, and then I'll get in touch to set up the monthly recurring payment system so you can pay for your course in 6 interest free monthly instalments. The sums: £1500 - deposit £180, balance is £1482 divided by 6 months = £247 per month for six months.

I can't wait to have you join me!