St Leonards is a young business that's currently run entirely by one person. So when you browse the website and place an order - you're not being "processed" by a customer call centre, you're not then having vast amounts of stock selected and chucked - sorry - "picked" by a warehouse dispatch team, nor are you told when your delivery will arrive by automated robots. Your orders are joyfully received by the owner and designer "K" who is also the Quality Control Expert, the Pack & Dispatch woman, Website designer,the Customer Services Agent AND she's even the courier service (well she walks down to the seafront to post your order off at the Post Office.)

So, hearing when something goes right, and you're pleased with the product is pretty super. Sending photographs of you enjoying wearing your products is a pleasure too. Hearing when you are disappointed about the way the website worked or how the product performs is also important. Always. "K" needs to know what you think, so St Leonards keeps growing and building on the great customer loyalty that's developing.

Every bag sale is important, and even more so, when times are tough financially. St Leonards products should last for years and outshine any crazy fashion fad you've seen advertised. Help the business grow by being part of the loyal ST LEONARDS club.



Here are just a very few comments that St Leonards has received so far...


Hi K,

Well she's here { The Van der Rohe Bag in Slate blue with custom colour highlights } and she is just bloody lovely!! Thank you so much I'm sure I'll love her for years to come. Thank you for the card and I really enjoyed the packaging too it felt really special opening her!

Thanks again and good luck moving into the future!












It was very kind of you to present so beautifully and your various cards with thanks and advice in your beautiful brown handwriting were very well received. My wife loves her new bag and was eager to get it protected and sprayed so she could start using it.I look forward to booking her on to one of your workshops at some point in the future as a result!

With very best regards, John

Hi K

I've been meaning to write to you since receiving the bag on Saturday but have been hampered by the fact that we are now in the process of trying to sell our London flat in order to buy a house we saw in Sussex. Finally, after two days of heavy cleaning, I am able to sit down at my computer. 
Let me say, I absolutely love the bag. The quality, the colour, the stitching, the design, the packaging... everything about it reeks of wonderful design and quality. 
To be honest, I have always coveted a Mulberry bag – and bought a St Leonards without actually seeing one. I wasn't disappointed. Actually, I think yours is far better than a Mulberry and am sure that it is only a matter of time before St Leonards is also admired with such acclaim. 
Thanks K. It really is a great bag. 
Best wishes, Anthony


Hi All,

I had been looking for a bag that would be timeless in design and give me a lifetime in quality from a traceable, ethical source.
Im thrilled with the understated elegance of my Burton bag and proud to be supporting a fine British company.

 Best, Emma


I have been meaning to get in touch to say how amazing the burton bag is that I got for
my fiancé’s birthday, a true classic.

Kind regards, Andrew


Hey K,

That's really kind of you, I've been searching for the perfect man bag for myself for ages!! After a lot of researching I read your article in the Daily Telegraph.

I must admit I’m really looking forward to receiving it, as I hope my search will soon be over.

You truly have some amazing and inspirational pieces in your collection.

Have a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas to you and all your team.

Best Wishes,



To K Avery:

Thank you for your reply. I was very impressed with the personal service which became part of the experience when purchasing my Burton bag and your swift reply is a continuation of this great service. Much appreciated.
 I will send my Burton bag to you this weekend to be repaired and look forward to your reply.
Kind Regards, Sofia Andreasson


Hi K  - It’s a bobby-dazzler!!
 Someone is going to be very pleased on Christmas Day! 
Hope you have a lovely Christmas too and you manage to get the other orders out so there are lots of other people get to enjoy their new handbags.
Kind regards


From: Rachel Heavens
My Burton Bag is one of my most treasure items. I love the shiny bridal leather and cool fastening and its the idea size for my essential items such a keys, phone and purse. I'm proud to wear a product that is British and made in a Artisan way and i love to look after it by polishing it when it gets scuffed. It reminds me of when my Mum would buy me a new pair of leather shoes for school and i would polish them lovingly. My Burton is a simple and traditional pleasure in my life which gets better the longer I own it.


Hi . My Little Shepherd arrived safely today as promised. I love it! So beautifully packaged too. I’ll be ordering something else ,one of these days.
Thank you.
Margaret Morgan


I’ve just received my second Little Shepherd. Perfect for my Kindle . It does the job and is a pleasure to hold.
I love the card holder.  Sturdy but not too stiff.  A great gift  for anyone who appreciates the understated.
Margaret Morgan
Just a note to let you know the Pevensey has arrived - it's fab and perfect for work! Thanks, Julie.   Jan 2013

Just to say I picked up the bag and it's gorgeous. I also loved the packaging - it makes it feel really special and that a lot of thought has gone into it.
Enjoy the sunshine. Thanks again.


Dear Kay. Just to let you know that I received my bag today. I am thrilled with it AND such lovely packaging. It's been a pleasure doing business with St Leonards. Many thanks. Fiona