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Telephone: 00 44 (0) 7792991949 Leave a message if you don't get through Email:

Online Returns and Exchange Policy:

St Leonards wants you to be happy. If you don't want to keep your goods for any reason please email at once so your item is expected. All products must be returned in all the original packaging, tags etc, WITHIN 10 DAYS working days of receipt of purchase. If you're on holiday or it's the Christmas period, please email first so the deadline can be adjusted if necessary. Email Seaside HQ at: and then send your goods by a SIGNED-FOR postal service. This does NOT mean it has to go by Special Delivery. Your returning postage will be refunded to you providing you have kept the Post Office receipt showing what you paid.
Please note that any returned items will be checked over to ensure they are fit for reselling so they must be in the condition they were sent to you originally. Once this has been checked you will be notified when your refund will be processed. It's usually within 1 week.
If you have requested an exchange instead you will be notified when the replacement product will be available if there isn't ready stock. If you decide to return your goods AFTER the 10 working days have lapsed and there is nothing wrong with them, you will be issued with a credit note which is valid for 6 months. A full refund is not permitted after the 10 working days have passed.

Gift Wrapping:
St Leonards is predominantly an online store. Of course, it does have some stockists where you can walk into a physical store and walk out swinging a fancy new carrier bag, but it wants you to know that part of the joy of buying online is the rather super wrapping complete with bows bells and whistles and a stylish calico dust bag.
Postage and Packaging Prices:
There is free wrapping and delivery within the UK, for orders of £65 and over. If you live outside of Europe, please be aware that you might be charged customs duty or tax for receiving goods from outside of your country.St Leonards is not liable for this, nor can it estimate what those costs might be.

How the business works:
ST LEONARDS is a new business that's currently run entirely by one person. So when you browse the website and place an order - you're not being "processed" by a customer call centre, you're not then having vast amounts of stock selected and chucked - sorry - "picked" by a warehouse dispatch team, nor are you told when your delivery will arrive by automated robots. Your orders are joyfully received by the owner and designer "K" who is also the Quality Control Expert, the Pack & Dispatch woman, Website designer, the Customer Services Agent AND she's even the courier service (well she walks down to the seafront to post your order off at the Post Office.)
So, hearing when something goes right, and you're pleased with the product is pretty super. Sending photographs of you enjoying wearing your products is a pleasure too. Hearing when you are disappointed about the way the website worked or how the product performs is also important. Always. "K" needs to know what you think, so St Leonards keeps growing and building on the great customer loyalty that's developing.
Every bag sale is important, and even more so, when times are tough financially. St Leonards products should last for years and outshine any crazy fashion fad you've seen advertised. Help the business grow by being part of the loyal ST LEONARDS club.

How things are made:
St Leonards is a business that prides itself on beautifully designed, handcrafted products. In order to keep the business running lean, most items are made to order. Sometimes your order can be fulfilled immediately, so you'll have your product within a few days but if we're in the middle of a production run for a wholesale order or it's Christmas it might be delayed in getting started, or it might take a while for the best hides to arrive. It's not that your order isn't valued - it's the polar opposite - every single received order is worth a dance around the studio floor- it's just that St Leonards favours an orderly queue.If you've chosen something marked as MADE TO ORDER then St Leonards will contact you straight away and give you some indication of a time-frame. You'll then be given regular updates so you understand the process and progress of your product's handcrafted production.

Gift items:
If you've ordered something as a gift, and the item isn't going to be ready in time, St Leonards offers you a personalised card which you can either email or print out the the recipient. That way, they know what's coming and can get excited from afar.

Founder "K designs and manufactures in St Leonards East Sussex, and London. Where possible I buy my components and materials from British businesses but failing that, I will source wherever the quality is excellent and the business relationship can flourish over the years to come.I only deal with nice people and want to feel good about the brand's growth.

Leather protection:
Leather needs to be looked after and nurtured. if you do this, great things happen - you not only get a bag other people are envious of, but it lasts and lasts; for years and years.This means not over-stuffing it, protecting it with professional cream so spills and stains are easier to remove, and allowing it to dry naturally stuffed with newspaper if it gets a good soaking. Treat it like your own skin and you'll be happy in it. (St Leonards recommends immediately spraying with leather shoe protection spray before it's first outing and then rubbing in professional nourishing cream every 3-5 months - This cream is available online to buy)

Pricing and products online:
I reserve the right to makes changes to the prices and products available at any time.Changes might be due to stock levels, changes in material costs and importation,as well as seasonal or promotional offers. I do try my hardest to ensure the product information is accurate and that the photography gives the best colour representation as possible, given the differences between monitor calibration and the camera's capabilities.
Links to other sites:
While I'm happy to share my personal favourite sites, I am not in any way responsible for their content, customer service policies and beliefs.I liked what I saw at the time, and hope you do too.

St Leonards does not share its data or your email addresses with anyone else. The web host SHOPIFY operates with all legal regulations according to the UK when capturing your bank details to process your purchases online.
Design protection and Copyright:
All images are taken by photographer Tim Stallion and are the property of K Avery-Stallion and St Leonards and St Leonards Design Ltd.All my designs are unique to me and cannot be reproduced, sold, published or copied without prior permission.
If you'd like to use any images for your blog then please email me first.

Press Coverage:
St Leonards is always interested in great coverage. So if you wish to use St Leonards products in your press, please do get in touch with "K" Avery-Stallion on either Tel: 07792991949  or Email: