K has been drawing all her life. As a toddler it would scribbles of anything she saw, rendered onto coasters, napkins and later on, a Daler sketchbook to match her father's book of choice. Then there was 3 yrs solid drawing as a textile design student at Nottingham Polytechnic.  After that drawing became her tool for her career in design and product development...creating specifications for factories to make up samples and products for multiple retailers.

And then the drawing evolved for her own brand, designing handbags for St Leonards.

It wasn't until the store had to close during the Covid Pandemic that Ks drawing returned, much loved and welcomed, as a purely pleasurable, joyful crrstive expression.

Like returning to a lost lover, drawing, painting, print making feels both exciting and, like a familiar safe harbour.

K has always beenna prolific creator and much of her work remains in sketchbooks, but she is now exploring more work on paper, canvas and board.

Browse and see what you like. They will hopefully give you as much pleasure in your home, as I felt creating it.

K x