£1,500.00 £2,000.00

You're in the right place: It's going to be Beautiful...

✨It's a 12 month membership for Creatives
✨It's for men and women who want to get out of the feast/famine doldrums and get entrepreneurial,
✨ It's for those who are fed up of feeling like a drudge, who want to work smarter, not harder,
✨ It's for those who are ready to really CHANGE their old habits and look inwardly at what's going wrong
✨ It's for those who want to get shit DONE and be accountable ( Yes I will be stick, carrot and stern Aunt Maud )
✨ It's designed to be a nurturing and empowering network of like-minded folk, so no more pointless moaning to the ones we love, who don't really understand...
✨ It's created by a creative ( ME ) who knows all the things you've been going through, been there, done that, got the scars and tears to prove it.
✨ With my weekly "lives" inside the private Facebook group I can help you to work out how to clear your path to financial and motivational victory and

✨12 x monthly group Zoom support sessions you'll feel listened to and start to thrive instead of just survive.

✨ You can join at any time for 12 months, pay £1000 deposit and then pay the balance over 6 months with a recurring payment system to spread the cost, OR, pay more per month and pay 12 monthly instalments - ask K to arrange a call to discuss.

✨ Access to the tutorials and weekly content inside tthe private Facebook group.

BONUS - If you pay the full amount upfront, you get x 2 extra private 30 minute phone calls, at a time that suits you- these could be crucial for a pre-deal pep talk or a quick bit of coaching if you wobble! ( smiles ) 

Get in touch on if you have any further questions, K x