I've been a fashion buyer, designer, online and real store retailer for many years and am now taking on clients in the Creative Industry who want a mentor that really "gets" what it's like to be full of ideas and beautiful skills but then gets constantly thwarted by being unable to make it pay! " My mission is to change this by helping you to realise your full potential.  I'm being coached, and have been astounded at the difference it's made, and I feel excited to nurture others in similar fields.

The Modern Mentoring Membership is for Creatives who:
⭐  Want to stop procrastinating and start doing,

⭐. Know there's a need to shift their mindset in order to thrive 

⭐  Are fed up of having the same shitty results year after year 

⭐. Who are TRUELY ready to make changes to be boundaried, open up their capacity to earn good money and do the work to make this happen!

This membership is NOT for people who:

❌. Want to moan about crap clients and shit money 

❌. Blame others for their lack of time and wealth 

❌. Can't see they've got anything to learn, it's everyone else's fault!


Have you been working really hard, perhaps for many years, been focussing on every single tiny detail but not getting any big plans made? Do you wish you could share your thoughts and ideas with someone who is creative and positive about problem-solving?  Instead of someone in your family who is too exhausted to listen / too tired of hearing all your hair-brained projects you start but don't finish / Not someone you don't dare discuss any project with, because frankly, they offer crap advice and are always super negative.) 

How about you turn your focus and energy towards someone (ME!) who has got a wide range of experience in the design and creative industry, has been responsible for a shed load of money, product development, has crowdfunded projects and opened up a real store, all whilst generally getting on with life death and divorce....?

This is not a Dummies Guide to Running a Business. This is about major mindset shifts so you change your inner core, your soul being, so from the inside out, there's an amazing change in you, your business and in turn, everyone else around you! 

I'll make you accountable, not only because you're spending money on your development, (Hey, think how many weeks you went to the gym because of the money you'd forked out?) but because, you're going to set goals each week, make plans for the future that WILL HAPPEN.

Think of me as your Arch ART Angel, Ms. Stick AND carrot, or Imposing Great Aunt Maud who is not to be messed with! (smiles) We will get you on track, motivated, energised and you'll be more productive than ever.

You'll be investing in YOU! 


What you get with the 1 year membership:

  1. 12 x 1 hour group Zoom or telephone calls to check in on your latest project/managing a launch or getting product developed,connecting with others and peer mentoring support
  2. Mindset coaching and tips to shift your self-limiting beliefs
  3. Additional support comes inside the wonderfully supportive space of the Modern Mentoring Facebook group where a wide range of topics assist you in your personal and business growth
  4. Suggestions for reference materials and book recommendations to save you months of research.
  5. Personalised Journal, Kaweco fountain pen and a specially selected book plus other goodies as a welcome gift.

So, what's next?

Well, if this sounds like the perfect programme for you - please get in touch either by emailing me on or use the pop-up contact form on this website.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have and look forward to hearing from you! Scroll through the images to read what others have thought.

K x