DOG LEAD Brown with Black


Dog leads... I know that there are a 100 variations on a theme available in tons of shops and online stores...but this one really is a lovely understated beauty.

I have had dogs since I was 11 yrs old and the joy of passing through life with an amiable hound cannot be underestimated... especially if you don't  have the good fortune to have a family of the two legged variety. Dog's  bring so much joy on a daily basis...and a reason to get up and dressed... they deserve a super lead to go out and about in. 

This lead has been constructed from a length of a
beautiful  full grained (full thickness )Italian bridle leather...stitched on my Adler which is a 45 yr old machine ...and added to it... robust and sturdy solid brass hardware. There's  rivets to keep everything in place and D ring for a poo bag roll or other kit you like to carry on your walks.

The lead will soften with wear and the oil in one's hands... and I know that it will become a best friend...just like your dog.


2.8cm wide approx x 115cm long...(this will also vary as animal hides vary across their shoulders and backs too)

The Black version has black stitching.

The Brown version has black stitching.