LONG FOB in Natural


The Long Fob is back.


One of the first accessories that was specifically designed for the store, it's been loved by men and women the globe over.

 Men love the robust leather and being able to clip the keys to their belt loops.

 Women like to clip their fob to their bag straps or an internal D ring.

 Neither sex enjoy the endless roaming involved when searching for keys.


You can also use the trigger hook end for extra bunches of keys, a double whammy of the key fob world . (Especially good for mild mannered janitors - that's a Hong Kong Fooey ref)

 Made from the same signature Italian saddlery leather as the bags.

 Solid brass trigger hooks, yes even the silver buckle plated ones are solid brass beneath.


Rivets are brass too.

 Embossed proudly with the logo St Leonards England along the length.

 Dimensions: 2cm wide X 20cm long approximately.