This tote is the be all and end all of totes with a capital T.


Constructed at the seaside studio shop from a super strong 12oz waterproofed cotton canvas, this tote makes a versatile companion for all the duties you can think of. From log carrying companion and market hauler, beach side BBQ friend to gym and work buddy, this bucket has got it all covered.


This bag is unlined and is riveted with nickle plated brass. The shoulder straps make it a versatile carry all shopper. Use it for food hauls, a day out...even an overnight  stay. Suitable.for men and women to use.

Durable water resistent 12 oz tarpaulin canvas that can be wiped and scrubbed. The straps are made from Italian bridle cowhide, known for its durability and good feeling. The straps will start out stiff but as soon as you start using it, they'll soften and bend so the short ones won't bother the long and vice versa.

Straps are made from a full grain thick, Italian bridle leather, chosen for strength and durability. 2.8-3mm thick. They will soften with use and wear but shouldnt stretch much which is what you want from a strap.

Dimensions: 54cm across the top opening x 37cm high x 21cm gusset/width. It tapers down to 34cm across the base.