It's back. Designed in 2010 and loved by men and women all over the world. Sold to individuals and wholesaled to boutiques that celebrate British made pared down designs.

This will never go out of style. Strong robust and unisex.

The Totely Canvas collection is made using a 12oz water resistant heavy tarpaulin cotton canvas.The seams all all enclosed for a neat utilitarian look. The leather washers stop the rivets from wearing through the canvas. The canvas can be scrubbed and wiped when dirty. There are no fastenings or pockets. Feels good to keep things simple and uncluttered. 

The grab handles are approx 45m long and cut from a superior quality Italian Bridle leather. They feel good in your hand and won't break. Created for strength and smooth grain.

These straps will soften with the and use.

Brass coated steel rivets.

Dimensions: 39 cm wide at opening x 42 tall.

Suitable for men and women.Made in England.