SUPPORTING SOMETHING UNIQUE - share the love of a new British brand 0 Comments

Just like leather, emerging British made design brands like St Leonards need to be thought of as unique and precious commodities. Yes it's ANOTHER handbag seller, YES surely there are enough bag sellers already out there in the marketplace?! -  but I'd like you to stop and consider adding SUPPORT to the interactions you make with independent brands over the next 6 months.
Supporting small British brands doesn't only have to come in the form of spending money (although that's very much appreciated) but it's also in how you spread the word to your local community and about how it makes you FEEL.
Large multi-national brands like Mulberry and Prada have eye-watering marketing and PR budgets to feed the fashion editors hunger for new product to write about, and of course the more they pay,the more you hear about them online, on television and in magazines  -it's a global business, spreading their brand globally.
With small brands it's different - the entire business is often started from scratch by one person and their marketing budget is next to nothing - it relies completely on word-of-mouth peer reviews and testimonials to get more business and grow.
So when you take a few minutes to go online and look at a new brand, even if you don't make a purchase, please do share the link you found with friends via email, social media, Pinterest and other outlets - read blog postings and share them onwards and outwards to the wider world. It's your support that will enable us to develop new products you'll want to buy in the future.