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Hello, lovelies. How are we going? You know, that’s a very common colloquialism in Australia; ‘how are you going?’, pronounced ‘howyagoin’?’ Isn’t it sweet? Much nicer than the somewhat clinical ‘how are you today?’ or the vague, unimaginative ‘how are things?’ 


I’m going… quite swimmingly. I can’t complain. Ohh, now that’s a very British thing to say, isn’t it? But it’s true! The shop is thriving in lockdown, as is my Modern Mentoring work (more on that below!) and while I’m missing my regular carefree jaunts down to my local beach with friends, our pups, picnic baskets and a few bottles of this and that, I’m also grateful for the quiet time. It’s been a blessing for my busy brain. 

Have any of you had any moments of revelation, or just simple yet poignant reflection, since the one year anniversary of lockdown (1)’s instigation? Maybe you were working a job you hated and have since left it; perhaps the many periods of lockdown have helped you to learn who your best pals really are; or did you realise you don’t like coffee, you just bought one every day out of habit?
Okay, that last one may be a little far-fetched. Who doesn’t like coffee?

This month’s artist inspiration has been Christina ZimpelOriginally from Perth, Western Australia, Christina is an artist living in Brooklyn New York, with a studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Madrid, Paris and Sydney.


I’d describe Christina and her work as… Spring-like. Energetic. Bold, and unique. The vibrant colour combinations make my heart whizz, and I feel this sense of calm and hope when I look at her pieces on Instagram


I’m actually really enjoying drawing, in this latest lockdown. It feels like I’m resurrecting something within myself that’s been hidden a long time, maybe even since I completed my Textiles degree; my passion for it has been on the back burner for a while now and it’s so wonderful to have it back. 
Here are some of the things I’ve sketched and painted recently… 


Want to see more, in physical form - specifically, Conqueror textured paper, printed in St Leonards on Sea? Well, you absolutely can! Take a look at my Lockdown Art Zines, available for PRE-ORDER now at just £18 (or 4 interest-free payments of £4.50 with Clearpay). 

Strictly limited editions. There will be 6 per title only, and the titles are: Great Spider Plants of Our Time; The Best Pebble on the Beach; Real and Imaginary Coffee Cups; Real and Imaginary Tea Cups; The Weird Thing I Saw on My Way to Warrior Sq. Are you intrigued yet? Of course you are, darlings. 

Finally, this is a little call-out for creative souls like me… 

I'm so excited to be launching my bite-size mini mentoring packages for those of you who are looking for a powerful kick-start into delving into your spirit, as a creative, artist, designer-maker, WITHOUT commitment to a full course! 
Sound good? I thought so. 

If you're not quite ready to commit to a whole course, this is the perfect opportunity to test the water before deciding to dive in and immerse yourself fully.

Help dig yourself out of a creative rut by joining the free Facebook group Modern Mentoring, where you'll be able to share insights and get feedback in a safe, supportive space. Check out the Modern Mentoring page on the website too, if you haven’t already.

Oh, also, if you subscribe to my newsletter then you’ll be eligible for a juicy discount on my courses. The link should appear when you open the website! Clever, eh?

That’s it for this month, folks! Stay safe, be well, and think of me next week when I’m finally unlocking the gates to my shop… 

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