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So it's all change AGAIN for the business.

From being a child who was frightened of changes I am now embracing it left right and centre - I now laugh in the face of stability! ( smiles )

Many of you got to know me via the bricks and mortar store ST LEONARDS MODERN GOODS who closed its doors on 30th September.

It been an amazing ride - 6 years of growing the contemporary unisex brand, turning the quieter end of the street into a bit of a destination - and growing the in-house product ranges as well as increasing the clothing budget year on year. 

When I think about how it all started - the loyal online bag customers and friends crowdfunded me £7000 in just 3 weeks to get the lease deposit paid and stock into the growing it into £15,000 of stock each felt baffling to close - but on the other hand - with the opening and closing 5 times during the pandemic, and the rising utility bills costs - it's sad to call time on the store, but it also might be a very timely and wise decision.

I always wanted to buy the shop from my landlord, but he has decided to sell the building off as a whole - that's 4 flats and the retail space as one lot. So the latest pivot, will be for me to offer up Modern Goods as a super edited collection that takes the brand globally via wholesale. And to give myself an income while this builds I'll be developing another property to keep money flowing.

It's creative in a different way. Lots of the skills are transferable, but I can't let the bag business disappear - now's the time to get some beauties back onto the website.

And the first new design in 2.5 years is The Markwick. Click the image below to check it out now. It's being made for me by Elisa in North London to my design. A 4-way rucksack bag to kick start ST LEONARDS into life again.