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Happy end of another month, dear friends. January was like Marmite - it lasted far too long, and was loved by some, but hated by many more. While some loved the fresh start, others felt daunted about the blank page that was 2021. February has felt like a welcome relief; almost cooling, like one of those magical forehead rubbers that dispel a migraine, after weeks of zig-zag auras and dull aches. 

How are we all feeling about the recent ‘roadmap’ reveal? The opinions have been flying around on social media, and I’m definitely a little conflicted about it. Obviously it will be wonderful when we can reopen, and we will do so as safely as possible. But are we really in a rush? 


This latest lockdown has been the hardest. We’ve all had the plugs pulled on our souls, and a lot of folks have been ‘hermitting’ since the new year started; retreating into our own little caves, curling up in our comfiest clothes and burying our heads in sweet and salty popcorn until the madness ends. The cheery influencers on social media have stopped sharing their ‘10 best isolation date ideas’, 2019 holiday snaps captioned with ‘I miss this!’ and all the colourful Canva-made mental health mantra graphics, and started simply saying ‘I’m here, and I see you’. What are you doing to help yourself through this period? I’d recommend funny podcasts, long (safe and socially distanced) takeaway-coffee-walks with friends, keeping your hands busy, outfits that can only be described as a risky combination of catastrophically clashing colours, and puppies. 

Also, treat yourself now and again. I’ve taken a deep dive into Instagram’s indie artists and illustrators, recently, which led to a lovely romantic tryst with Etsy - another controversial platform, these days! Where do you stand on it? I think it’s perfectly fine, as long as it’s used the way it was designed to be; to promote unique, aspiring artists and shop owners. The big ugly giant webby folks (BUGWF, to use the official acronym) are swooping in on smaller sites such as Etsy and filling them with overproduced, somewhat soulless bits and bobs - a real shame. 

ANYWAY… here are two artists I took a shine to there… 



Marina Studio. An illustrator, pattern and surface designer by the name of Lauren, based in lovely Poole, Dorset. Simple but quirky designs; elegant and gentle but they also pop with personality. 

(She's also crowdfunding for a new studio brand - check that out and support if you can! We creatives gotta stick together, eh?)


cedar and patchouli candle


Now, who loves a good scent? The Handmade Candle Co make the most beautiful vegan soy wax candles; they come in amber glass jars, and are made in Shrewsbury. As they'd been selling so well at the store in St Leonards on Sea, I thought we'd best add them to the website! See HERE for all your options - we recommend the Sweet Neroli and Basil, an unexpectedly uplifting and delicious treat! 



Since the end of the custom St Leonards bag era this week (see last blog post for the full scoop on that!), I've felt genuinely excited to create the bags I really want to make. I've felt particularly inspired to create this original bag in the Totely collection… 
The Totely Canvas Shopper!
This durable yet simple shopper is crafted using my Brother sewing machine that's over 40 years old. I use 12 Oz waterproof canvas so it will keep your belongings safe and dry, no matter how dreary the day, and Italian bridle leather straps with leather washers will ensure the handles don't pull out of the canvas. The bound seam keeps the shape crisp and taut; the deep darts on the back and front of the bag ensure plenty of room for all your things. The canvas starts off with a delightfully crisp tension, that creases and holds shape nicely. Of course, the fabric will then soften and relax as you use it regularly - which you tote-ally should!
There is no closure and no internal pockets. It's utilitarianism at its best. 
‘Chuck it in, off you go!’



This weekend I am crazy busy with my latest Modern Mentoring endeavour; The CUT IT OUT Challenge!

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That’s it for this month, gang! Don’t be too sad, it will be the end of March before we know it, at the rate time is going these days…! 

Did you catch last month’s blog post, too? Read it here!

Speak soon - stay mindful, be colourful and really quite magical. Like Bottle Alley, at nighttime! See below... x