And then just like that...the store was in the High Summer Sale and then closing its doors September...
I'm sad to say the Real Store on Norman Road is closing in September From its humble crowd-funded roots back in 2016, where the loyal online fans sponsored a whopping £7,500 in just 3 weeks, I'm Super Proud of the growth of this small, but perfectly formed lifestyle store...
Giving not just me, a salary and creative outlet for my Fashion Buying and Design experience, but it has also supported many locals too, with wages and collaborative product projects. Those projects have given me such pleasure!

What's next?

The building will be going on the market as a whole entity middle September and I'm out by the 30th. The landlords have revealed nothing more - so if you want to buy a huge building - you'll have to wait until you see it online - I don't know the agents or price etc - sorry.


Will there still be leather bags?
St Leonards ( the leather goods business ) will remain online www.stleonardsonline.com as always, but in a new guise while I shift my machinery across to my very crowded living room! And get stuff made by a factory in London! You will have a pause, as we had to during Lockdown, but I hope to have it ticking away again at the end of the year...ready stock available to buy, rather than made to order.

Will there still be some Modern Goods canvas and fabric totes, and sweatshirts?

There might indeed, be a few items still available on the website from time to time - but the main thrust is...
Modern Goods is going to start an exciting PIVOT into WHOLESALE so here's the plan: the best selling products we have sold in the past 6 years from our little seaside store, will be offered at selected trade fairs for 2023 to other stores across the UK and what the hell, even the world!
Some of the greetings cards have already been bought by bookstores in NYC, Chicago and Scotland, so I've got a good feeling about this...

Modern Goods was the
The first menswear store in St Leonards offering contemporary and premium brands YMC London and others like Superga, Great Plains, Frnch and more, so Modern men and women didn't have to travel to Brighton or London.

Make the most of the last month and come shop the SALE now!

We can't wait to see you!
K x