A great escape! - A week of restoration in Agadir 1 Comment

At Last! she cried - a HOLIDAY!

After 6 years, I finally felt able to step away from the business - I could take some proper time off, get cover for the shop and had the money to do it without fretting too much!

I wanted somewhere sandy and warm to go in May and needed a short flight because I only had a week - so Morocco or Lanzarote were high on my list... but I couldn't face the hurly-burly of Marrakech and I've been to Lanzarote 3 times, and fancied a change. So, I did some research on Agadir - the seaside sandy laid back Moroccan resort where people are chilled, and the hotels are low level buildings and right on the white sand waterfront.

I chose the Riu Tikida Palace Hotel which was a wonderful 5 star all-modern beauty! It's SO refreshing to stay somewhere that feels like you've stepped into a Conde Nast shoot - instead of an 80's bedspread nightmare - As it was my first time going all-inclusive I was a liiiiiitle bit wary - ( truth be told I was a bit snobby about the idea of it - I thought I was going to feel herded and restricted and what's with the wristbands?!) but it couldn't have been further from the truth - the dazzling arrays of meal choices morning, noon and night were terrific - the staff were friendly and the beautiful pool was filled with seawater. There was a glorious spa and a super white beach too. But more important than any of this was the patisserie. I wept daily over these exquisite pastries with joy. On the last night I was introduced to Chef Mahmoud for "un pot de la confiture du figue" to go with their amazing cheese platter, because the waiter's confusion and consternation (But Madame, the fig jam is ONLY for the Petit Dejeuner) had turned me into a mistrusted guest -and as I clasped his hand tenderly, and in appalling schoolgirl French (with a soupcon of South London accent) told him that his baking, poaching and patisserie gave me new meaning to my life, he patted my shoulder, tapped his nose and sagely summoned a junior to attend to my "grand fromage issue, vite, vite!"

patisserie at Hotel Riu Tikida Agadir

Oh, the pineapple fresh creme patisserie tarts! The buttery crumbly almond tarts! The mille feuille! Sigh...


shady place to read and rest by the pool

The modern shady terrace to rest, read and recoup after lunch.


The wonderful array of loose teas and beauty potions at the Municipal Souk.


Agadir beach 

For God! King! Country! Arabic motto on the site where the original city once stood before it was ravaged by a tragic earthquake in the 1960s. The current King of Morocco has had this new esplanade and marina built in the last 2 years to encourage more tourism but also as part of their bid for hosting the World Cup in 2026...Sadly for them, they didn't win, but I'm selfishly quite happy about it, because it means this resort will stay a little more low-key for longer. But of course, now I've told YOU LOT about it...it'll be booked up in advance for years!

Instagram pictures

 The gorgeous fresh sardines, salads and roasted vegetable for lunch, happy feet at the spa, the Moorish buildings and garden landscaping, and modern stylish interiors.

So, if you're looking for somewhere warm and restful to recharge, I thoroughly recommend Agadir! Oh and for those in search of a blissful escape -Tui Holidays were offering the best deals for this hotel.

 K on Agadir beach

 Tag me into your holiday snaps if you go! @stleonardsmoderngoods

I'd love to see them, K x