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I write this on the eve of 2017.

The fireworks are ricocheting across the promenade; arcing into the sky, blossoming and erupting over our roof. 2016 has been beset by contrasts - the disappointment and uncertainty of Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump and the growing numbers of refugees seeking kindness and a new home. It's also been a devastating year of deaths - the entertainers and taste makers who formed and informed our creative souls.I dread to think that even as I write this ( it's 23:52 on 31st December 2016 ) we could lose another musical or showbiz icon.

On a much more positive note, it's been the year that so many customers and friends put their hands in their pockets and invested in ME. I can't tell you how amazing it felt to have you put your faith in me and help me make my dreams come true and get my first shop off the ground - a truly humbling experience - I still pinch myself when I unlock the doors each day.

2017 will be a fresh new year for my shop - it's been an amazing 5 months and the space really feels like home. It's my studio, atelier for bag making and retail space for men and women of all ages.

I look forward to adding fresh product and welcoming new customers to St Leonards Modern Goods soon.

I also want to thankyou all for continuing to support St Leonards online! After all, without you, the shop couldn't have been conceived.

So it's with my very best wishes I give you a special discount code to say thankyou  - please type  " IMKINDOFABIGDEAL "  to get 20% off orders over £150. (Offer ends midnight 31st January 2017)