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So, you did it! We did it! I'm doing it!

Thanks to over 40 people who pledged funds towards my campaign firstly through my own website and then via the Kickstarter portal, I have just opened my very own shop! For the first phase I got enough money together to secure the 3 month deposit on my shop's lease (£2200) and then there was about £300 spare which I set aside to go towards my foirst month's rent and a bit more which I used to buy some leather to make stock.

Next came Kickstarter and that was quite an eye-opener despite being a global platform, it is predominantly used, seen and interacted by U.S citizens, so the reach was entirely down to my social media sharing and friends of friends spreading the word - I think if I had to raise money again, I'd just do it through my own website -That way I don't have to reach the target or jeopardise the lot, and I can also extend the deadline if necessary. Luckily for me, one of my aunts came to the rescue at the 11th hour to make up the shortfall so I didn't miss out on the £1800 that had been raised within the 20 days of the campaign.That's how I hit the target of £3000!

I then met up with the landlord and we signed the documents - I've got a 3 year lease with a break clause at 12 months "just in case"

I then set myself the goal of 2 weeks to turn the unit around - the interior was already beautiful with white delicatessen tiles on one wall and the matt black on the other. I then ordered some contemporary bookshelves and a central table to create a display area and began ordering the stock I'd been researching for the previous months!

The studio has now moved out of the house and into the back section of the shop where there's a beautiful sea vew and it feels so good to be there. I opened on Monday 1st August and was over the moon to have so many visitors and terrific sales on the first day! Here's hoping there will be many more to come.

I'm having a launch party on Saturday 6th August for friends family and crowdfunding investors in the business, and I'll do my best to share some photos of the event on a later post or newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you at the shop soon: