That festive limbo. 0 Comments

It’s the distinctive kick of spice in that first bite into a warm panettone; the festive pop songs trickling from the tinny old speakers in the local shopping centre; the delightfully tacky frosted tips on your plastic tree that’s brought down from the loft every year, and every year you say you’re going to replace it with a fresh, younger model - maybe a real one, from the cute family farm round the corner! But no, you always leave it too late and think I can’t be bothered, and NEXT year will be when it happens



Christmas can be wonderful. It can also be hard work. It can even be sad. Everyone’s experiences are different, and everyone’s feelings about it are valid. 

And what about the bizarre limbo period between Christmas and New Year? The lost week, when we’re recovering from one enormous emotional experience and mentally steeling ourselves for another. It’s the time when we start wondering ‘what am I doing with myself next year?’ and ‘what changes do I need to make?’ Changes. Why do we feel the need to make changes? Let’s examine that a little. 



A change of style is totally acceptable. Rework yourself. Jump out of your comfort zone, try out new looks, taste test some different combinations and explore your options with brands and labels. 

We’ve got some big plans for 2021, and are right here for all your New Year Needs. And not just in terms of fashion (although we do rock at that); we can also help you meet your business goals, and find your own unique brand. Invest in yourself today, by enrolling on one of the Modern Mentoring courses. Marvellous Messaging in particular has been very successful in its first run, and it will be starting up again in January! Now is your time. Jump in. Invest in yourself. 



We’re putting a spotlight on our over-sized violet hand knitted jumper, this month! It’s the perfect, cosy piece to swaddle yourself in while you laze on the sofa between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, watching festive movies, eating leftovers - and scribbling down your Big Plans for 2021. It’s also perfect for safe and socially distanced walks along the seafront with friends, gossiping happily, a strong takeaway coffee clutched in your hand. It works both ways! It's £106, and you can pay in installments via ClearPay. 



Also, if you need to grab some last-minute stocking fillers and/or post-Christmas gifts for the friends you couldn't find the perfect thing for, we have the cutest salt & pepper shakers. They come in queer, bisexual, and hetero. £14 for a set, or £3.50 fortnightly with ClearPay! 



We're really feeling the vibe of Ken Done in this festive period. The Sydney-based artist is obviously having a very different winter to us... as shown in his 'November Morning' piece, from the latest collection



Another piece we identified with was this one; 'Frends'. Speaking of, have you met Teddy yet?! He's been going down very well on Instagram... 



So, 2021 is looming and while we're sure it can't be as bad as this past year, a foolproof way to ensure it's not the mess 2020 has been is by investing in yourself, taking time to check in with your mind, and writing up your hopes and dreams for the future. Enjoy art. Delight in words. Treat yourself to the finer things, whether that's a fabulous leather tote bag made by ME, or a short and super strong oat milk flat white from your local. 

See you on the other side, gang. Email/comment/DM us on social media if you need any info or advice on how to style yourself and/or create your dream brand. 

K. x